A Brief Introduction

I’m Kathryn.  I live in Colorado with my husband and two daughters, ages 5 years and 4 months.  I’m currently a tutor, writer and stay at home mom, though I spent ten years as an elementary school teacher.  I used to write non-genre, but since editors seem more interested in my horror pieces, that’s what I write now.  I’m a member of a Writer’s Workshop.

Background: I grew up in Colorado, and then eventually moved to Japan.  I taught kindergarten there for three years.  I also met my husband there; I brought him back with me.  I taught in a Title I (high poverty)  school for four years, and very wealthy schools for three.  It was a relief to stop; though I love teaching, I love my family more, and the current trends in education leave me cold.

Politically I’m an independent; I believe both major parties suffer an equal amount of idiocy.  I’m a Buddhist.  I’m interested in religion as a study, but like politics, I rapidly lose patience with any side that claims theirs is the only reasonable view.  I have an eating disorder; it is under control, but it does change my worldview.

I love to write, read, travel, cook, sew, garden, play video games and craft.

You can find my published fiction here:




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