Enough Already

Ah, Facebook.  I love it for many things–keeping contact with family and friends, especially those in Japan, being able to see pictures of their vacations and children, and keeping up on everyone’s lives without having to keep on email.   I like reading everyone’s stories, and seeing happy events.  However, something about the anonymity of Facebook has a peculiar side effect:  people who are lovely in person will show a side of themselves that I know they’d never show in public.  I’ve lost friendships over these.  And it’s starting to happen again.

A note: politically, I’m an independent.  I think both major parties are incompetent.   Just in case you wondered.  I have friends and family on all ends of the spectrum.

Since “Obamacare” activated, my Facebook feed has become a stream of caps-locked, profanity-laden rants and nasty “jokes.”   I think people fail to realize how many of their friends don’t agree with them.  And while I don’t engage, I store that information in the back of my mind…This person is rude; this person has a mean sense of humor; according to this post, in reality, this person hates me.  Some I outright unfriend.  Some I just be very careful about what I talk about in person.

So, a quick primer:  (none of these are my statements or opinions)

“I am very angry about how Obamacare was implemented!”–awesome.

“I am frustrated about paying for something I didn’t vote for.”–awesome.

“I’m afraid this program won’t work.  We should have talked about it more.”–awesome.

“I hope all those stupid liberals who voted for Obama die under the healthcare plan!”–asshole.

“Obamacare is nothing but a method for stupid sluts to get free abortions!”–asshole.

“I’m happy about the program.  It will help people like me.”–awesome.

“It’s not perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction.”–awesome.

“I’m really happy with it!  I think it’s worth the price!  I’m glad I voted the way I did!”–awesome.

“All Republicans hate everyone and want them to die!”–asshole.

“Republicans are evil and I can’t believe anyone would think that way!”–asshole.

The joke about the man who reduced his staff due to Obamacare, and went out and found all the cars with Obama stickers, and fired them because they wanted change?  That guy is an asshole.  (How DARE people have their own opinions!) Someone suggested I replace “Obama” with “Romney” and then it would be funny.  …Nope.  Guy is still an asshole.

Also, can we quit with the “libtard,” “republiturd,” “Obummer,” “Mittens,” etc?  What are we, five?  My kindergartner gets in trouble for that petty name calling shit.  (I heard a man recently complaining about how children today don’t respect anyone, then start yammering about how the retards that voted for Obummer were communists.  Wonder where they get it.)

Reading my rage-infused Facebook feed, it occurred to me: We carry on about how no one in our government can function or have a civilized conversation, and yet, judging from my social media feed, neither can we.

I hope that perhaps someday we can get back to civilized discourse.  In the meantime, please don’t be a asshole.


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