Happy New Year!

A lot of people are doing self reflections about the year, and I figure I might as well too.  We struggled with money, sure.  We were hit with exorbitant medical bills, took on our first debt, and our water heater died two weeks after we moved into our house.  My cats died, which was very sad. I made a second envelope of writing rejections when my first one literally burst at the seams.  However, it was a great year anyway.

1) All of our family and friends are healthy and safe.

2) The birth of Baby A.  I arrived at the hospital at 3 am on a sheet of ice and snow, and and the remainder of the day was cold and wet.  at 3 pm, when Baby A arrived, someone glanced over at the window and said, “Look, that sun came out!” and sure enough, rays of sunlight broke through the clouds.  Baby A has been our sunshine girl ever since, lighting up our lives.  She’s especially precious to M, who loves being a big sister.

3) We bought our first house.  It was crazy trying to get it done and move with a newborn, but we love it.  I can’t wait to start re-landscaping the garden, and to get a bit more furniture.  We love living here and having space for our girls to grow. I also love not hearing the neighbors in their bedrooms for the first time in thirteen years.

4) We survived the flood.  Our friends survived the flood. Our house came out unscathed and we were lucky to move when we did, or our storage unit would have gone underwater and I’d have lost all my teaching supplies and children’s books.

5) I’ve been able to socialize often with a wonderful group of friends.

6) We may not have everything we want, but we’ve got more than what we need, and that’s the most important thing.


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