This Shouldn’t be This Hard

M turns six in May.  She’s so excited.  While she wants the usual princess junk, she also really wants things for her room and summer shoes.  Okay, all good.  She also really wants superhero stuff–the Avengers and the Justice League.  And what she’d really like is a Wonder Woman T-shirt.

Do you think I can find a damn Wonder Woman t-shirt?  Or even Superman, Batman or Flash, who she also likes?  For girls, the only Superman ones I can find are heart-shaped, glittery and say “Supercutie,” and the Wonder Woman shirts have the narrow waist and boobs drawn on, because god forbid a girl wants a shirt with just a logo on it.  I don’t want the waist and boobs drawn on my kid, or myself, for that matter.  I’m fine with the ones I have.

Books are no problem, so I’ll probably get her some books.  But if anyone knows where to find a kid sized Wonder Woman shirt that would be suitable for her to wear to school, let me know, would you please?


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