Irresponsible Women

Hot on the heels of the Hobby Lobby case, where the company does not want to provide birth control under their insurance, I see this:

Alaska senator Pete Kelly says, “Birth control is for people who don’t necessarily want to act responsibly.” (If you want to read the whole interview:

I don’t know that senator Kelly understands what acting responsibly means, but this also seems to be similar to what I hear spouted by people who support Hobby Lobby’s position on birth control.  How dare those loose women want birth control?  It’s tantamount to abortion!

Aside from the blatantly obvious fact that using birth control, which prevents pregnancy, therefore prevents abortions; the other key piece of information these people ignore is that many women who use birth control are not in it so they can go get laid in the bathrooms of bars.  For example: me.  I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, which causes incredibly heavy, excruciatingly painful periods, sometimes several times a month.  Birth control helps regulate my hormones, which allows me to have something close to a normal period, and not vomit and lay in bed crying from pain.

The other primary reason I use birth control is that I don’t want to have children I can’t afford.  I adore my daughters, and I would love to have more children.  If I had the money, I’d have a bunch.  However, we can’t afford to pay for that many college funds, extracurricular lessons, school supplies, clothes, and food.  Right now, we can afford two, so that’s what we have.  If our situation miraculously changes in the next two years, and we become financially stronger, we may have another, so we don’t want a more permanent solution at this time.  Due to my PCOS, I get gestational diabetes with pregnancy, and the risk of complications gets higher as I get older.  Thus, since neither my husband nor I want to spend the rest of our lives celibate, the need for birth control.  I know, Senator Kelly…I acknowledge that I am completely irresponsible.

And if a woman does simply want to go have random sex?  She gets to choose that too.  It’s her body, her choice.  And in that case, wouldn’t people like Senator Kelly want accessible birth control for that, too?  I understand his idea is that offering pregnancy tests would prevent cases of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, but so, Senator, would birth control.

As for Hobby Lobby: I worked there once.  The pay is barely minimum wage.  I don’t understand why you would want to force the women who work there to have children they can’t afford, thereby leaving them in daycare, which goes against that whole “family first” argument.  I once worked there late on Christmas Eve so that my coworker, who had two small children, could see them that night and bake cookies for Santa.  I got home so late I missed it with my family.  The woman virtually never saw her children, because she had to work maximum hours (yes, even on Sunday–it’s closed to the public, but employees  can do warehouse work, and everyone living in poverty will because they need the money) to pay for daycare and food. Without the insurance, people making $7 an hour can’t afford birth control and feed those kids.  Of course, as I’ve said before, these people who argue about controlling birth control only seem to care about making sure that the babies are born, but to hell with them once they are, and to hell with their irresponsible mothers, too.


One response to “Irresponsible Women

  1. This topic makes me livid. In my mind these are criminally dumb, self righteous, manipulative, corrupt and empathy challenged people. How *dare* they. This is why atheists are so war-like in their behavior in the US, because of people like these, and places like Hobby Lobby.

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