Making Progress

I’m proud to live in Colorado today.  Over the past weeks, the Boulder county clerk began to issue gay marriage licenses.  The Colorado Attorney General ordered her to stop, and she refused.  When he pursued the matter and took it to court, the judge denied the Attorney General’s petition, allowing the county clerk to continue.  When it was announced, parts of Denver and Pueblo decided to follow Boulder’s lead.  I think we’re finally on our way!

I’ve been hoping for this for years.  I have several gay friends who have been in wonderful long-term relationships, and they deserve the same rights my husband and I have.  I’ve had wonderful, well-adjusted students in my classroom who had gay parents, and they deserve to have their families recognized. 

We face a great many problems in the world: poverty, education, war, disease…things that actually hurt people.  Why in the world are we we wasting time and resources arguing about love?  And, incidentally, about 60 years ago, an interracial marriage like mine was illegal, too.  My marriage has not caused the Earth to crash into the sun, and neither will these.  Hopefully, we can evolve as a society and realize that creating loving, stable homes of any type is well worth our while. 

Good luck, Colorado!  Keep making me proud!






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