I Hate Dogs in Home Depot

I hate dogs in Home Depot.  I’m sure this makes me an evil person, but I do.  I like dogs fine in general, but I have two major problems: I’m allergic to them, and my toddler is afraid of them.  She likes dogs in the abstract, but is afraid up close unless they’re very calm and familiar.

I’m fine with dogs in pet stores; I expect them.  I’m fine with dogs outside, if they’re leashed, so that I can walk around them and get my daughter out of the way.  I’m fine with dogs at people’s houses; if I’m too allergic, I can leave and meet my friend elsewhere.

However, I’m not fine with them in places like Home Depot.  I feel that I have the right to buy screws without someone’s dog jamming its cold nose into my crotch, rubbing against me, licking me (I dislike being licked) or licking my frightened daughter’s feet while she’s sitting in the cart.  I don’t let my children wander around the store bugging people, and I expect the same of dogs.  (Trained dogs for people with disabilities are fine; they are typically so well trained I don’t notice them, and they certainly don’t paw at me.)

I was shopping for sprinkler parts one day when a woman went past, her dog dragging her through the aisles, waving its tail frantically and knocking things over.  It went past me, and slobbered all over my hand and my daughter’s leg.  The woman giggled and cried, “Oh, he just loves everybody!” as she went past.  Well, neither I nor my crying daughter love him, and now I’m itchy, thanks a lot.

If you can’t trust your dog to behave or your dog can’t leave strangers alone, please leave it at home.  I’m sure it’s a nice enough creature, but I have the right to shop and be left alone.  I’m not entirely sure why you need to bring it along to by plumbing supplies anyway.

And before someone who dislikes kids chimes in about hating shopping when there are kids nearby: I don’t shop when my children are irritable.  I take them out when they are loud or crying.  They sit in the cart or walk with their hands on the cart so they don’t wander, and not once have they pooped in the lawn care aisle.


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