The Busy Mom’s Frozen Party

My daughter wanted a Frozen birthday party.  I went out on Pinterest to look for ideas, but was promptly overwhelmed.  For example, one person suggested cutting out a large, white snowflake lattice to cover the walls in the dining room.  It was lovely, but I do have to wonder if this person actually has children.  I barely have time to look at the photo of a snowflake lattice, much less make one.  Calling on my experiences as a kindergarten teacher, I cobbled together the following, and it was a huge success.  I ordered all the table decorations from Discount Party Supplies. 

First: The cake.  I made a regular layer cake, box mix, and used the Wilton buttercream recipe for frosting.   I dyed a portion blue for the sides, and left the rest white.  The topping is edible cake glitter for snow, and plastic princess dolls.  The snowflakes I made with this mold and Wilton shiny white candy melts. The piping is done with Wilton blue glitter gel. It was very quick. 

Here is the result:  DSCF9500

For favors, I made personalized cookies and crafts.  I baked the snowmen, decorated them with the store bought cookie frosting (it hardens quickly) and chocolate chips.  Here they are:


Our activities doubled as favors.  First, we made snowmen from “campfire sized” marshmallows, chocolate chips and pretzels.  Stick pretzels down the center so the snowmen stay together.  The kids loved it.  Some made traditional snowmen:


Or, here’s my daughter’s “Doc Oc” version:


Then, we made snowglobes.  Simple directions are here.  We used baby food jars, blue food coloring, glycerin to make the glitter move smoothly, and stickers on the outside to make the snow scene.  Put plenty of hot glue around the edge of the lid to seal it in!  We put the stickers on the outside rather than an item on the inside to save time, make it easier, and save money.  All of the kids I know still have theirs months later!


After that, we had cake, opened gifts, and we played the kids’ favorite game: “run around in the yard with balloons and scream.”  All in all it was a great success, and very easy to do.


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