2014 in Review

It’s New Year’s Eve!  I’m doing precisely nothing, because I have small children, and it’s REALLY cold.  The thought of dragging an exhausted toddler out to watch fireworks in seven inches of snow doesn’t sound fun.  My friends and I did throw a little party for our kids this afternoon; we decorated cookies and toasted the new year with sparkling cider in champagne flutes; it was fun.  Little A has been running around all evening blowing into a noisemaker and yelling “Party! Party!” so it was a success.

So, the time has come to look back over the year.  Some other of my friends have done a year in writing review, but I didn’t get quite enough done for that. What can I say, I have two small children and work at night, which is brutal on the writing time.  (For those who say, “Never make excuses and just write!”…You wanna come watch my toddler?)  Despite my time crunch, I feel I’ve had a very successful year:

1) My first professional publication, “Buddy,” in Shock Totem.  It’s a beautiful book and I’m so happy with it.

2) I got a lot of rejections, but many of them personal–so, I’m a good writer, just not always a good match for those magazines.  I’ll keep trying!

3) I kept up decently on the blog, built a website, and did manage to edit some old stories, as well as make progress on new ones.

Today, I mentioned I was disappointed in my writing progress.  My husband replied, “Yeah, but you’re an amazing wife and mom; our kids are so happy!”

It got me thinking about the rest to add to this list.

4) I have two healthy, happy, lovable girls.  M is doing very well in school and plays outside every day with her friends.  Little A is talking and playing all the time, and every night I get to cuddle with them on the couch and be amazed at the incredible people they’re becoming.

5) My husband is very successful at his job, and we still laugh as much as ever.  Even when things go terribly wrong, we find a way to get through it.

6) We finally paid off the medical bills.

7) My job is going very well.

8) I get to spend a lot of time with my family, and playing games with my friends.  (Yes, Dungeons and Dragons, as well as video games.  It keeps me sane.)  I realize often how many people I love in this world, and how lucky I am for that.

No, I didn’t travel, didn’t have a lot of money, didn’t buy much or do anything fancy this year.  My life is not glamorous.  I spend my time helping kids with homework, letting the neighbor kids run through my house, work in my garden, write, craft, play with a toddler, cook and tutor.   What I did do was spend all my time surrounded by people I love.  All the time.

What else do you ask for in life?


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