Searching for Owls

Today is Little’s A’s second birthday.  She’s known about it for awhile, because I promised I would make her an owl cake. A loves owls–her pajamas have owls on them, she has owl books and stuffed toys.  For two months now, mention the word birthday, and A chirps, “Owl cake!”

We decided we’d celebrate by taking her to the aquarium this weekend (A loves fish, too) and having her owl cake then, along with presents.  But today, she woke up and her sister yelled, “Happy birthday, A!” and sang to her, and A looked at me and said, “Owl cake?”

Well, all of you out there with children know what happened next.  If she wanted owl cake, well, I better go find some cake and an owl.

The cake was not hard to come by.  we have a wonderful bakery near our house, and A chose a variety of strawberry cakes and tarts.  Next came the owl.

It doesn’t seem like owls should be that hard to find.  Cute little woodland creatures, right?  Well, Target should have had some, because they were in a display case, and A oohed and ahhed over them.  Of course, on the actual shelves, lions, foxes, dogs, and raccoons.  No owls.  We tried five more stores.  No owls.  I even went to the nursery, thinking maybe they’d have an owl-shaped garden pick.  They did have a variety of owls, but they were carved of stone and weighed about forty pounds, which didn’t stop A from trying to lug one to the door.  The trip wasn’t a total waste, because A did get to spend some quality time at the koi pond, but still, no owls for her cake.  Finally, hungry and tired, we gave up.

Fortunately, A was so overcome with joy at the sight of a strawberry tart with two candles in it that she forgot all about the owls.  She and her sister blew out the candles together.  Wearing a sparkly tiara, she ate all the fruit out of each pastry, sang happy birthday to herself twice, and then wandered off to play, owls forgotten.  Though she did, after awhile, say, “Owl cake?  Later?”

M, at school, learned a silly song from her friends.  After the traditional “Happy birthday” song, M adds, “Cha-cha-cha! Oo-la-la! Kiss your mama in the cafeteria!  Hi-ya! Funky chicken!”

A has tried to learn this.  So, tonight, as I put her to bed, we sang to her one last time.  A added, “Cha-cha-cha! oo-la-la! Mama kisses happy chicken! Love you!”    I like A’s version better.


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