2015 in Review

Well, Christmas has passed again.  I worked like crazy make it beautiful; the brunch and dinner turned out well, and the kids loved their presents.  Little A is especially fond of a huge stuffed Baymax her grandma gave her, and M got books and Legos, so she’s happy.  Best of all was the addition of our new kitten, Jiji, to our family; everyone loves him.  We got to see lots of good friends, too.

Now I’m sitting here looking at all stuff I need to take down.  Another year over.  Every year I set goals, and as usual, set the bar too high.  It’s been a rough year, financially and health-wise.  I didn’t lose as much weight or write as much as I wanted.  I was feeling down about it, so I decided to list the things I did accomplish:

  1. I was a good mom.  My girls are happy, healthy and enjoying life.  If I accomplished nothing else, this is by far the most important.
  2. I read a ton of books.
  3. I did write, even if I didn’t publish much.  (Honestly, I was struggling to submit, so it’s not a surprise.  Depression/medication was a huge factor, and one that I hopefully have under control)
  4. I taught myself new skills, like canning, making jelly, and new crafts.
  5. With my parents’ help, we built huge vegetable beds and a new rose garden in the yard, which will be a delight next year.
  6. We got a new family pet.
  7. I’m more social than I’ve ever been.  I’ve never had a year with so many busy weekends, and made a lot of new friends.
  8. I’ve been better organized and better focused with my house and my job.

Usually, I’d add some new goals here, but I’m not going to.  I’m going to do the best I can, and try to accept that for what it is.






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