DC Superhero Girls

I went to Target yesterday with my girls to shop, and saw a new set of dolls on display.  M’s jaw dropped and she ran over to look at them, picked up an armful of boxes and cried, “I need these girls in my life!”

She was looking at the DC Superhero Girls collection.  M is superhero-obsessed, especially with female superheroes, but we could never find appropriate dolls of them–they were usually adult collectors items.  Take a look at these:


Female superheroes in age appropriate costumes for a second grader!  And, miracle of miracles, they’re wearing pants, like a person who could fight crime actually would.  Batgirl finally looks like Batgirl.  It a world of mall-crawling, boy-obsessed Bratz and princess dolls, these are a breath of fresh air.  I feel like I need to go buy them all purely on principle.

I was also pleased to see these, since M had recently expressed her disappointment that the upcoming year was full of superhero movies she couldn’t see and games she couldn’t play.  I love superheroes too, and while I loved Deadpool and can’t wait for Suicide Squad, there’s nothing I can share with M.  We’ve been doing the old 80’s superhero movies, but I see the sadness on her face when I can’t take her along to the theater.  At least now, there’s something she can share, and something I’d be happy to give her.



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