The Harry Potter Party

M’s birthday party was last weekend.  Originally I had thought it would be relatively low-key, until M said to her grandfather, “Hey, I have an idea.  You can be Dumbledore!”  It tells you how much he loves her that he agreed.  So my mother, entering full Martha Stewart-mode, started making costumes.  And it is thus that she was McGonagall, my dad was Dumbledore,  Little A was Mrs. Norris, and my husband, after much pleading, was Snape.  I put together a Professor Trelawney costume for myself.

The party turned out very well (Thank you, Pinterest!)  We sent out invitation in the shape of Hogwarts Express tickets, and printed a variety of banners for the house.  (I meant to write on all the mirrors with dry erase markers, but I forgot–but I hear it works!)

For cake, we did sorting hat cupcakes: each of the cupcakes was filled with a different color of cream denoting the house, so the child chose a cupcake,put  on the sorting hat, and bit into it to reveal their house.  Then, we made ties from felt for each house to pin to their shirts.  Several of the children have been wearing them around the neighborhood since.  These are the cupcakes:

hp owls

We included other treats like chocolate frogs (made with a frog mold and chocolate chips), butterbeer, Bertie Bott’s beans and exploding bonbons, made from chocolate and pop rocks:


After treats, we had a snitch hunt.  We made snitches from Ferrero Rocher candies with paper wings, and hid them all over the house for the kids to find.  After that, we had a potions station, using test tubes for various juices to mix as they liked.  A friend did tea leaf divination as well.  This is the potions station. Hedwig was sitting on M’s breakfast place in the morning, bearing a chocolate frog and a letter wishing her a happy birthday.


They rest of the time was spent running around in the yard and pretending to cast spells, and trying to trick each other into tasting “love potions.”  I wondered if all the kids would understand what was going on, but one of the boys, unfamiliar with Harry Potter, said, “I have no idea what’s happening, but this is really fun!”

Little A said her favorite part was the ties, because “everyone got to be presidents.”

One of the other highlights was when the doorbell rang to reveal a man trying to sell me windows.  And I looked like this:


The look on the salesman’s face was priceless.


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