So Yes, I was that Person in the Library

It’s been a longer absence than I’d like.  It’s summer, so the children are home.  Over the past six weeks, my husband was gone to Asia for a month long business trip.  The day after he returned, my in-laws arrived from Japan for a visit.  Then, it’s been a litany of classes, playdates and appointments.  And over all of that, I’ve been potty training Little A.  It’s been jelly beans, stickers, and constant mopping and laundry, but we’re making progress.

To give you an example of how this is going, yesterday, I took my girls downtown. w e went to the library, then we took a long walk up and down the main street.  We stopped to browse bookstores and bakeries, played on some games the city installed, and had a lovely morning.  We offered every toilet that we passed, but Little A wasn’t interested.  So of course, at the far end of the street from any bathroom, Little A announces, “I need the potty!  Now!”

The only option was the library, about three blocks away, so we started that way.  First we were walking, then running.  By the time we were running up the block to the library, I was carrying Little A, who was whimpering and wriggling, causing her flip-flops to fall off into the bushes.  M managed to grab the shoes on her way by.  I burst into the library lobby and said, probably more loudly than I intended, “M, do you see the potty?!”

M did, so we bolted across the lobby and into the bathroom, where I deposited my barefoot, anxious child on the toilet.  I closed the door, so M lobbed the flipflops over the door, and thankfully I caught them before they also fell in the toilet.  Thankfully we made it barely in time.  I put Little A’s shoes back on, and walked out to a lobby full of people.  Little A waved and called, “I peed in the potty!” and proceeded to do a happy dance.  I don’t have  picture of her, but it was pretty much the same as this:

And that’s pretty much how it is these days.  That, and going to a lovely adult gathering, and then announcing solemnly, “Please excuse me, I need to use the potty.”  Maybe someday I’ll have my brain back.







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