My husband and I went out for our tenth anniversary last weekend.  We went to The Med in Boulder, which is a fabulous Mediterranean restaurant, and spent a lovely childfree evening going to a restaurant without crayons and actually getting to talk to each other.  We originally were going to see a movie, but decided that we’d rather be where we could talk, so we spent the evening wandering Pearl Street and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Pearl street is a street mall, always jammed with artists and performers.  We passed a lovely man who was sitting in lotus position on top of a small pillar.  He was calling out compliments to everyone who walked by.  When we passed, he called to my husband, “Would you please hold her hand?  She is my friend, and I care about her smile!”

We hadn’t walked and held hands in a long time, but it really did make me smile.  Sometimes it’s good to just get away and remember why you loved someone so much.

Pearl Street is also near CU, so there are many college students meandering about.  Late in the evening, we passed a group of college students who, for whatever reason, were attempting to climb a fence and hang from a tree.  It was not successful, and she fell off and stumbled in front of me.  “Sorry, ma’am!” she said, clearly embarrassed.

Afterwards, I pondered how I had suddenly become “ma’am” to college students.  I don’t feel like a “ma’am.”  Truth be told I don’t feel old at all.  Yet, when I think about it, my next major milestone birthday is forty.  So I guess, when you’re twenty, someone coming up on forty does seem like a ma’am.

My husband and I have started commenting that it is strange to be talking about things like equity loans and childcare with our friends, instead of bars and classes.  It gets harder to stay up past ten, or paying for it if you do, when two am used to be bedtime.  The things you joke about as a young adult are now reality, and sometimes I just don’t know what to do with that.

It’s been ten years.  We’ve acquired jobs, degrees, a house, two daughters.  It’s been a  wonderful ten years, and I look forward to many more.  I guess if that makes me “ma’am,” it’s worth it.



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