Back to Real Life

So, summer is over.  The girls are back to school and I’m back to work, and, hopefully, a regular blogging schedule.

Highlights of our summer:

My husband and I took a trip to New York for our tenth anniversary.  We haven’t had a chance to travel together in seven years, so it was wonderful.  We stayed with friends in Brooklyn and toured all over.  I will write about that in a series of blog posts, because it really was amazing, and too much for one post.  And, because Delta stranded us (of course, we were meant to return home when their systems crashed), we’ve got some free plane tickets, and think it’s about time M got to travel.

My husband was gone for nearly a month, one of my best friends came to live with us this summer.  It was wonderful to have the company, as well as have time to force her to binge watch my favorite shows (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Walking Dead, Ash vs Evil Dead, etc) and make crafts.  That, and get some new enthusiasm to write, as she’s been very successful and I need to take it up a notch.  Admittedly during the summer I did next to nothing, but having the kids home means I need to focus on being mom.

M went to two camps.  She went to Minecraft Engineering camp, where they built Minecraft creatures from Legos and programmed them to move.  Last year, there were two girls; this year there were ten.  I was very happy to see it.  M also went to Harry Potter camp, and has been in Harry Potter role play mode for months afterward.  She adored every moment.

A played soccer in a camp for preschoolers every week, and turned out to be a surprisingly fast runner.  She loved it, and hopefully we can get her in some weekend camps.

Now, A is in preschool and M in third grade, and I know they’ll both be successful.  I love watching them grow and change.  The house seems oddly quiet now, with just Jiji, nearly a year old, for company.  I’m glad to have him.  I appreciate it, though.  I can work, write, and get some things done.  A is only in school half day, so I still get time with her, and I spend at least an hour a night reading with M, and she’s old enough to read all my favorites from when I was a child.

It’s getting stormy and colder now.  I’m harvesting the last of my vegetables and canning them, and made a lot of wonderful jam.  It’s time for tea, baking, sewing and writing, and much more of it.










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