I’ve started so many blog posts about politics, only to delete all of them.  Let’s face it, all of our minds are made up; it’s all but over.  And I need it to be over.

So in the interest of my sanity, I decided to write about Halloween instead.  We had a beautiful Halloween, warm but windy and clear.  M went as a sparkly female steampunk Riddler, and Little A went as a ghost.  Their costumes were amazing.

The night before, we had a Halloween dinner–monster burgers, deviled eggs carved to look like skulls, Frankenstein jello and monster eye cookies, made with plenty of help from the kids.

This was the first year I was able to attend their school parties.  At M’s party, a boy approached me and cheerfully asked me to guess his costume.  M saw me talking to him and said, “Mom, this is C.  He’s my worst enemy and arch nemesis.”

C gave me a huge grin, so I said, “Is the feeling mutual?  Are you both worst enemies?”

C cheerfully replied, “Oh yeah.  We hate each other.”

Other girls snuck up to me later to tell me that that were also his worst enemies.  If they ever form a group of superheroes, they already have their villain.  I also think, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to introduce people like that as an adult? “This is Bob, he’s my neighbor, and I hate him.”  Therapeutic!

That evening, we went out trick or treating.  M answered every door with “Riddle me this: trick, or treat?” I dressed up as Harley Quinn to match her Riddler, and her father wore the top half of a Batman costume and his jeans, a costume known now as “casual Friday Batman.”

We ran into her friend and wandered the neighborhood together, and they were very kind to A.  Many people in our neighborhood leave boxes of candy on their doorsteps, since they’re also out.  When there was one candy left, they would give it to A, and then redistribute their candy so that everyone had an even amount.  Other friends were greeted enthusiastically all over the neighborhood.  M’s best friend moved away last summer, but he had come back to trick or treat.  Apparently he cried when he couldn’t find her, but when told he was nearby, M screamed his name down the street until he answered, and they ran to each other like a scene in a movie.

My favorite moment of the night, however, was when M and her friend (a girl) went up to a house with phenomenal scary decorations, and the homeowner skulking outside, dressed as a maniac with a knife.  He stalked the girls up the walk.  M ran off, but her friend kept going.  Suddenly she turned around, pointed at the man and said loudly, “Don’t you dare!”  He slumped his shoulders and slunk back to the driveway while she proudly went to the door.  M ran up to join her, only to flee screaming from a spider that fell on her.  Both girls earned extra candy, friend for her bravery, and M for her epic terrified scream.

It was such fun!  That night, as I tucked them in, M said, “Riddle me this: Who do I love most?  All of you!”

Of course, they woke up in the morning and the first question was, “So, how many days til Christmas?”


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